As the name suggests these are specially designed & developed websites to cater to the online sales needs of the product / services for any entity. These are highly advanced Dynamic Websites having great functionalities as below

  • Fully dynamic & as per the requirement any Product can be added, deleted from the website.
  • Various filters are created to give the visitor a narrow down approach to make him find the most suitable product to fulfill his needs.
  • Unlimited Users are created to service them well through inbuilt customer relationship management system
  • Shopping cart is provided to make them chose different product in to their virtual shopping cart
  • Order processing functionality is being integrated with various payment options to choose from.
  • Final order processing integrates information system with departments like billing/shipping / delivery / customer care etc who make the correct product delivered to the customer’s doorstep.
  • Apart from it there is an inventory control system which allows the administrators to control the unavailable stock.
  • In a nut shell these are highly specialized websites through which an organization can reach & cater to fairly unlimited customers & reap the various business benefits with complete control & transparency to the business. Such Websites are virtual malls & the experience can be enriched with various other virtual functionalities like 3D Animation.